Tuesday, July 26, 2016

La Mere Poulard / ラ・メール・プラール

Quite a while ago, my wife was watching a television program that featured a corner where these two comedians would check out different shops and restaurants that always seem to have a long line.  The day she was watching, the featured restaurant was [La Mere Poulard].  The main restaurant is located at Mont Saint Michel in France.  There are two branches in Tokyo.  One in Minatomirai and one in Yurakucho.  Their speciality is a souffle omelette.


We went a half hour before opening and were second in line.


A portrait of Mme. Poulard making her famous omelette.


Waiting for the restaurant to open.


Luxurious but casual.  You do not need to wear a black tie or get dressed up.

高級感あるけどとってもカジュアル。 ブラックタイやディナージャケットは不要。

Waiting for our main meal.  I of course ordered the souffle omelette.  My wife isn't a big fan of eggs so she went with the daily special where you can choose fish or meat and is served with a mini omelette.


Our lunch set was served with a choice of bread or potatoes.  As you can see we chose the bread.


The salad that came with my set was smoked salmon and herb chicken.  Very delicious.


My wife's set included an amuse-bouche.  I had forgotten what it was actually called but it was made with shrimp.


Madame Poulard's famous souffle omelette.  Today it was served with a clam and cabbage sauce.  The omelette is so fluffy on the inside and is just heavenly.


My wife's set was served with a mini omelette with two different types of sauces, the clam and cabbage sauce and a ratatouille sauce as well.


My wife had chosen the fish special and today's catch was black rockfish.  I had a couple of bites and I must say, this was quite delicious as well.


As we were leaving the restaurant, we couln't help but purchase a package of La Mere Poulard's Palets (French Butter Cookies).


I can't wait for a chance to go back here again and try some of other dishes on the menu.


Bon Appetit!


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