Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spaghetti Store [Carbo] / スパゲティストア 「カルボ」

Back to introducing various restaurants. About a month ago, my wife and I along with our friends Yukio and Reiko went on the Asakusa Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune Pilgrimage.  As the walk takes about 4 hours we had to stop somewhere for lunch. We decided on this very popular pasta restaurant called Carbo, most likely because its most famous dish is the Carbonara. The sign on the building shows it to be a "Spaghetti Store". The building looks modern from the outside, has a homey atmosphere inside and the way you order is pretty retro. You purchase a ticket outside the building. There are only four different pastas to choose from on the regular menu plus a daily special. The carbonara, the nepolitan, the mikado, and the standard meat sauce.

また食べ物のネタに戻ります。先月僕と妻と友達の幸男と玲子が浅草七福神巡りに参りました。散歩コースは4時間位なので、途中でとこかで昼食取ることも必要。選んだのは浅草にある老舗の名店、スパゲッティストア「カルボ」。 スパゲティストアのネーミングは不思議ですね。店の自慢はやっぱりカルボのカルボナーラ!建物自体はそんなに古く感じないが、店内の雰囲気や注文のやり方はちょっとレトロの感じですね。メニューに4種類のパスタしかありません。カルボナーラ、ナポリタン、ミカドとミートソース。月替わりのパスタも提供してます。

It really does say "Spaghetti Store" on the sign above the name Carbo.

The menu.  You can choose from small, medium, or large as well.

店のメニュー。 小・中・大も選べます。

Reiko making her purchase from the ticket machine.


Beer with pasta is always a good thing.


I ordered the dish the restaurant is named for.  Probably the best carbonara I've had. Very delicious.


Reiko ordered the Napolitan.


My wife ordered the Mikado - a Japanese style pasta, flavored with a bit of soy sauce.

妻が注文したのは和風のミカド。 醤油の香りがホットしますとメニューに書いてました。

Yukio chose the monthly special - pasta with clams and cabbage and flavored with plum.


Bon Appetit!


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