Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Walk around Shinjuku’s Central Park & Kumano Shrine / 新宿の中央公演と熊野神社の散歩

I still had quite a bit of time before having to head home to meet my wife so I decided to go wandering around Shinjuku.  I decided to go up the free observatory at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in West Shinjuku. Before heading up to the observatory, I checked out all the statues in the courtyard below.


Heading to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building walking underground.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building / 東京都庁






An Appeal for Peace by the Citizens of Tokyo / 東京都民平和アピール

And now for some views from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
Okay, maybe it wasn't the best of weather today.
The bit of green down there is Central Park.  To the left of that yellow building is Kumano Jinja.
The funky looking building to the right of the brown tower building in the middle is a Design College.
Next stop on my no plan walk was to check out Central Park where the Shinjuku Niagara Falls is located. Oh, I forgot to mention.  This was the park that was closed for limited time due to the Dengue Fever outbreak.

Shinjuku Niagara Falls / 新宿ナイアガラの滝
I have a fondness for public art.
This is the back side of the Shinjuku Niagara.

While I'm wandering around Central Park, I decided to go to Kumano Jinja as well (even though I have already been here before).

The torii to Kumano Jinja.
Portable shrine warehouse / 神輿蔵
Hondo (main shrine) / 本堂
Hand purification basin / 手水舎
Hondo / 本堂
Prayer boards and fortunes / 絵馬とおみくじ
Ota Nanpo's Stone water basin / 太田南畝の水鉢
Dragon / 龍
Inari Shrine / 稲荷神社
I have no idea who this is or what he was known for.
I took a peak into the portable shrine warehouse.
"Hair" / 「髪」
By the way, this wasn't the end of my Saturday afternoon wandering.  There was also a free art exhibition at that yellow building I saw from the observatory.  I checked that out as well but that will be another post.

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