Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kusatsu Hot Spring Trip (Part 9) Konnyaku Park / 草津温泉旅行 (パート9)こんにゃくパーク

Located not too far from the Tomioka Silk Mill was a place called the Konnyaku Park.  This is a factory that makes konnyaku known in English as devil's tongue or elephant foot yam.  A strange but healthy root vegetable.  The tour of the factory is free.  There is also a free buffet featuring all sort of dishes made with the yam.  And outside of the building, there are about five different foot baths - all free to use as well.

富岡製糸場の近くにまた面白いところがありました。こんにゃくパーク。ここはこんにゃくの工場です。工場の見学もただだし、こんにゃく料理の食べ放題のフッフェもあります。 ビルの外は無料の足湯もいっぱいあって、結構良いところです。家族の方々が大勢が来てた。

A yam factory entertainment park?  I didn't think much of it before going in.  I mean, we're talking yams here!  But, then I we went on the free self-guided tour of the yam factory.  Its quite interesting to say the least.  Very cool!
こんにゃくのアミューズメントパーク?あんまり期待はしてなかったがけど、だって、こんにゃくだよ。こんにゃくのどこが面白い?無料だったので、工場見学のツアーに行ってみた。あんがい面白いわ。 見直したぜい、こんにゃくパーク。
I think I see an Oompa Loompa!
I see lots of yams!
The final packing dudes were fun to watch.
After touring the factory, we headed to the free buffet.

All free and all you can eat!
Yes, all the items you see above are made with the devil's tongue or elephant foot yam.  The ramen, the curry, the yakisoba.  All of it.  Made of yams or made with yams.  I'm not a big fan of yam no matter how healthy its said to be so I only went through the line once.  It was enough.
はい、上に写ってる料理は全てこんにゃくから出来てるか、使用されてるかのものです。そのラーメンとやきそばの麺はこんにゃく。 自分はこんにゃくあんまり好きじゃないので、一回だけ食べ物を取った。それで十分。

Of course there is a large souvenir corner as well.  I think we only bought some popcorn that used a bit of the yam by-product.  But we still had the outdoor foot baths to enjoy!

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