Monday, January 18, 2016

A Walk around Ryusenji or Meguro Fudoson (Part 1) / 龍泉寺、通称目黒不動尊の散歩 (パート1)

As I said from my last post, I wanted to take more pictures around Meguro Fudoson, which I discovered is the common name of the place.  The actual name of the temple is Ryusenji.  So on a Saturday afternoon, after having lunch at Pie Face in Shibuya, I headed out to Meguro again.


This man is showing the way to Gohyaku Rakanji.

But today's walk is not going to take in Gohyaku Rakanji.  However, there was another smaller temple that caught my interest.  It was called Kaiunji and its located at the top of those stairs.

今日の散歩五百羅漢寺は行かない。目指すの龍泉寺。 でも五百羅漢寺の隣位にあるお寺が気になってた。小さなお寺ですが、名前は海雲寺。

There is a sign that says this is the "Bunka yonen Eitaibashi horaku oshisya kuyo-to oyobi sekihi".  That's a long title to say this is a memorial to a the Eitai bridge disaster during the Edo period in which 440 people drowned in the Sumida River.
「文化4年 永代橋崩落お死者供養塔及び石碑」。
Entrance to Kaiunji / 海雲寺の入口
Temple bell / お寺の鐘
The sign says this 9 story tower was once located at the residence of Shigen Takeda.
Hondo / 本堂
And its a short walk to the temple grounds of Ryusenji, better known as the Meguro Fudoson.

And more things to see at Meguro Fudoson, like this huge frog!

Waterfall / 独鈷の滝
And there is still more to see but I ran out of time to write, so - to be continued...
まだまだ見所があるんですが、書き下ろす暇がなくなったので ー つづく。。。

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