Friday, December 4, 2015

Silver Week Getaway 2015 (Part 10) Furumine Jinja and Kohoen / シルバーウィークの旅 2015(パート10)古峰神社と古峯園

And our main destination - Furumine Jinja.  Also known as the Tengu Shrine.

そしてメインの目的地 ー 古峰神社、通称天狗神社だ。

I almost missed seeing the tengu on this sign.
Torii / 鳥居
Now that's a large nose on that tengu!  Are you beginning to see why this is called the Tengu Shrine?
そこの天狗凄い! なぜ天狗神社と呼ばれてるのかわかるか?
I've become a Tengu myself!!
Tengu masks / 天狗! 天狗!天狗!
This is the reason we came to Furumine Jinja.  You can choose from many of the shrine seals.  And you get a bonus of an image of a tengu.  However, it depends on who is at the shrine on the day you go that determines which image you can get.  The popularity of this shrine's seal means it takes a little bit of time to receive it.
ここの神社の目当ては天狗の御朱印。 全部選べるわけないですが、この日にだれが書くものが選べます。天狗の御朱印の人気さがあって貰うのは大体30分待ち位。
Now, that's a very large room.  Enough to fit 300 futons!
この部屋広すぎ! 布団300位が並べるんだって!
Cup noodle vending machine inside the main shrine.

Tengu on the roof!

Prayer board / 絵馬
This is the entrance to Kohouen.
Carp / 鯉
Feeding the carp.
Tea House of the August Moon? (Oops, showing my age there!)
Tiny rest house / 小さな休憩所
And you've got to check out my cool Shrine Seal from Furumine Jinja.  By the way, you can actually stay the night at this shrine too.  But the rooms are limited.  I imagine my mother will want to check out this place as well once my father shows her this post.
そして古峰神社の御朱印を見て下さい。 そいえばこの神社に宿泊も出来るの。部屋の数は限られてますが。多分僕の母がここも行きたくなるには間違いない。

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