Sunday, December 13, 2015

Silver Week Getaway 2015 (Final) Urayasu City Folk Museum, Toyouke Jinja, Kozouin, and Ramen Takashiya / シルバーウィークの旅 2015(最終章)浦安郷土博物館、豊受神社、花蔵院とラーメン「たかし屋」

Our Silver Week vacation has finally come to an end.  You would think that after breakfast we would just head on home.  Our friend Yukio had to work.  But Reiko had the day off, and we were still on vacation, so Reiko took us to the Urayasu City Folk Museum.


Urayasu City Folk Museum / 浦安郷土博物館
"Affection" / 「慈愛」
Urayasu Beka Boat / 浦安のべか船
The beka boat was used a wooden boat used by a single fisherman when harvesting seaweed or clams.
Crab and shrimp / 蟹と海老
Fish hiding somewhere / 魚な隠れてる
Small manta / 小さいエイ
At first, I thought the museum was all indoors.  But then we got to the main part of the museum.  Replicas (at least I think they are) of old buildings, a boat building shop and more.
Old movie poster / 映画の看板
Public Bath / 銭湯
Diner / 食堂
Customer checking out the menu / お客様がメニューを見てます
Ebisu Beer / エビスビール
Dagashiya / 駄菓子屋
Feeding Pyonkichi! / ピョン吉お腹空いたみたい
Actual working well / 井戸がちゃんと使える
Boat building factory / 船工房
Map of the old Urayasu / 浦安のまちの地図
Beer and snack break / ビールとおやつの時間
Sakai River / 堺川
As we headed to Urayasu station after checking out the Folk Museum, we also stopped by two shrines.  The first is the Toyouke Jinja.

Toyouke Shrine Torii / 豊受神社の鳥居
Komainu / 狛犬
Hondo / 本堂
Sengen Jinja / 浅間神社
Tengu / 天狗
Mitsumine Jinja / 三峰神社
Toyouke Jinja Shrine Seal / 豊受神社の御朱印
Kazouin / 花蔵院
Roku Jizo / 六地蔵
Kozouin Temple Seal / 花蔵院の御朱印
And finally Reiko took us to one of their favorite ramen shops for lunch before we actually headed back to Tokyo.  We went to a place called [Takashi-ya] .
最後の最後は玲ちゃんと一緒にラーメンを食べに行った。 ラーメン「たかし屋」という店に連れてくれた。
Ramen [Takashi-ya] / ラーメン 「たかし屋」
Chashu-men / チャーシュー麺
After having ramen for lunch, this really was the end to our Silver Week vacation as we headed back home to Tokyo.

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