Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hawaiian Restaurant [Aloha Baby] / ハワイアンレストラン 「アロハ・ベイビー」

I can't remember when but on one of my days off on a Saturday, I was undecided about what to have for lunch.  I was wandering around near Shoin Jinja and as I walked down the shotengai (market street), I saw that a new restaurant opened.  A Hawaiian restaurant called [Aloha Baby].  Always one to check out a new restaurant, I decided to have lunch here.  I ordered myself the teriyaki spam and egg plate.


Aloha Baby / アロハ・ベイビー
Interior of the shop. Did you notice the Hawaiian Islands on the wall?
It was a little after 2pm, so there was no lunch crowd when I was there.  There was a couple at one of the other tables but I think they were friends of the owners of this place.

Tea Time Menu / ティ・タイム・メニュー
Teriyaki Spam & Egg Plate / 照焼スパムエグプレート
Yes, I admit it, I am a fan of Spam!
はい、白状じます。 僕はスパムが好きです!

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