Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sangenjaya Awa Odori Festival 2015 / 三軒茶屋阿波踊り祭り 2015

I know I said I was going to focus more on my blog than I would on Facebook but the reality is, its easier to use Facebook on my cell phone than it is to update my blog on that format.  But now that I have even more material to write about, I really will try to focus more on my blog.  Now to continue the post from "Battle of the Udon".  I said my friends and I were going to head to Sangenjaya for the Awa Odori Festival but since we still had time we decided to go bowling!  But only for one game.


Heading to Shibuya Bowl for just one game.


We managed to get two lanes and split up in two groups.  It was me, Reiko and Yukio on one lane with my wife, Ai and Gan-chan on the other lane.  I hadn't bowled in a few years but luck was with me today and I bowled a 181!

When we went to Sangenjaya, we were joined by my friend Suga and his daughter.  His wife would come a little later.


Suga and I watched the Awa Odori last year from this same restaurant.  We went a little early so we could eat, drink, and watch the dancers again this year!  This was the mascot in front of the store.


It would be another half hour before the awa odori would start so of course we drank and ate.


Coriander salad / パクチサラダ
Spare rib / スペアリブ
Whole roasted garlic / まるごとにんにく焼き
Tomato assortment / トマトの盛り合わせ
Beef hearts / 牛ハツ
Mentai Tamagoyaki / 明太子だしタマゴ焼き
Beef yukke / 牛ユッケ
Teppan nabe / 牛の鉄板鍋
And here come the dancers.
This is Rino seriously talking about a program called Ninninja to Ai.
And then it was time for more food.

Edamame / 枝豆
Gyoza / 餃子
Rice topped with cheese / 鉄板鍋の〆
And then we would check out the next group of Awa Odori dancers.

 Group photo time / みんなの写真タイム
Then more dancers!
And more food!  Curry rice / そしてまた食べる、まかないカレー
Plain crazy fun! / 超盛り上がってます!
Our main server for the evening.

Avocado topped with seasoned seaweed.  This was the final food item for the evening.
Our other server.
And finally, a group photo in front of the restaurant where we were eating.
Group photo in front of the Sekine Seiniku Shop.
And so ended our day of eating and drinking and drinking and eating (with one game of bowling thrown in for good measure).  A good time was had by all!

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