Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Walk around Omiya Hachimangu / 大宮八幡宮の散歩

One of those Sunday Date Days.  My wife and I spent this one going to Omiya Hachimangu in Nishi Eifuku.  We first walked to Shin Daita station, then took the train to Eifukucho.  We didn't know it would be closer to get off at Nishi Eifuku but we learn from our mistakes.


This is the torii where we entered from but discovered that it was not the main entrance but the south entrance.


So I went to the main entrance as well.


Map of the temple and surroundings.
Bamboo grove / 竹林
Sacred Water (rough translation) / 御神水
Chozuya (hand purification basin) / 手水舎
Warding off bad spirits / 厄除け
Large prayer board for child rearing / 子育て
Shin Mon / 神門
Haiden / 拝殿
Prayer boards / 絵馬
More prayer boards / 絵馬がいっぱい
Tenmangu / 天満宮
Looks like a haiku to me.  Too bad I cannot read it.

Kita Mon / 北門
Strength rocks / 力石
In the Edo era, young men would test their strength against each other by lifting these huge boulders.
Shrine residents / 境内の住民かな
Sacred Lotus / 大賀ハス
Fish swimming among the lotus / 大賀ハスのポットにめだかが泳いえる
The Husband and Wife Trees / 夫婦銀杏
Omiya Hachimangu Temple Seal / 御朱印
After wandering around the temple grounds, we decided to go in search of a place to have lunch.  There didn't seem to be any decent places nearby so we went back to Eifukucho.  There didn't seem much to choose from in that area either so we hopped back on the train and went to Kichijoji for lunch.

Buta shabu gozen set with plum rice / 豚しゃぶ御膳セット
Maccha warabi mochi parfait / 抹茶わらび餅パーフェ
My wife had the strawberry shaved ice for dessert.

We then made a little trip to Steak House Sato for the extremely delicious menchi-katsu.  As it was the Obon holidays, we didn't have to wait long in line as is usual and made our purchase within ten minutes!
Two shot with my wife while waiting in line.
We shared one and saved the rest for dinner time.

And couldn't resist picking up a pretzel from Auntie Anne's.

Back at home enjoying the menchikatsu with a Kirin Galaxy Hop.
うちに帰って、あの美味しいメンチカツを食べて、KirinのGalaxy Hopを飲みました。

Sunday Date Collage / 日曜デートコラージュ
Sunday Date Collage 2 / 日曜デートコラージュ2
And so ended another Sunday Date.  I always look forward to these jaunts as we never make definite plans on where we're going to go.  Until next time!
そして今日の今日のデート終了。日曜デートは楽しい。結構ノープランのほうが多いので、どこいくかほぼ決めてないまま出かける。今回は大宮八幡宮がメインだったが、ランチは途中で決めて、吉祥寺まで行った。 さ~次は何処で冒険するかな?

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