Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day Trip to Mitakesan in Okutama (Part 3) / 奥多摩、御岳山日帰り旅行 (パート3)

Time for lunch in Okutama.  Something about places like this makes you want to eat soba.  And that is exactly what I had.  Yukio ordered the same.  Sansai zaru soba!  And we had such a great view from our table.

奥多摩でランチ。こういうところ来るとなぜか蕎麦が食べたくなる。その通りにしました。友達の幸男も。注文したのあ山菜ざるそば。 私たちの席からの眺めも最高でした。

The view from our table while eating lunch.


Looking down from our window side table.


Sansai Zaru Soba / 山菜ざるそば
We were just at the shrine on top of the mountain.
Heading back to the car so we can head to our next destination.
Of course there will be the Jizos near a shrine.
Back on the cable car as we head down the mountain.
Passing by the cable car on its way up the mountain.
Yep, found me a craft beer up in these here mountains.  Japan Beer by Ishikawa's Brewery.
Japan Beer / ジャパンビール
And then we came here - Sakana En which translates to Fish Park.  We were going to the little fishing pond to fish for some snacks.
そしてここに来ました。さかな園。 川沿いに釣り堀があるの。釣り堀でさかなを釣ってそこで料理してもらう予定。第一さかなを釣れないっと。
My wife trying her out her luck.  Oh, and it started raining just a wee bit.
Yukio caught two fish just as the rain began to pour down harder.  Then along came thunder and lightning.  We almost didn't get to enjoy the fish.

The fish that Yukio caught.
After getting caught in the rain, it was time to head to our next goal - Tsuru Tsuru Onsen.  Unfortunately when we got there, the place had a blackout.  Actually, while we were eating the fish, the power went out in the building because of the storm.  So, we went in search of another place and went to a place called Kabe Onsen "Ume no Yu". And it was quite a nice place, located on the 4th and 5th floors of a building.  But hey, at least five different kinds of baths and an outdoor one too!
After soaking for about an hour, we decided to have dinner here as well.
My dinner was pork cutlet in a broth with rice and miso.

My friend's wife's dinner - hiyashi chuka.

My friend's dinner - chicken nanban.
And my wife of course chose the seafood bowl.
And then it was time to head back to Urayasu.  Yukio dropped us off at the train station and it was then we my wife and I had our 45 minute trip back home where we just plopped on the bed and had a good night's rest!  We'll be heading to our friend's place in a couple of weeks and will stay for the weekend in their new apartment.  The plan is to watch the Urayasu fireworks and then head to the beach the following day.  Oh what fun awaits!

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