Saturday, January 31, 2015

Atami Hot Spring Weekend (Part 5) Atami Station and the Shotengai / 熱海温泉旅行 (パート5)熱海駅の商店街

As promised, we decided to walk around Atami Station.  There really isn't anything special about the station per se, we were going to check out the shotengai nearby.


Oh, but look.  A free foot bath!  I love these hot spring areas because they usually have these foot baths near the station.


And what's this?  A toy steam locomotive?  No, an actual train.  I should try to arrange all the steam locomotive pictures I've taken into one photo album.  That would be kind of cool.

なんでこれ?おもちゃのSL? いえ、本物だ。いずれは展示されてるSLの写真をまとめてひとつのアルバムにすれば面白いかも。

"I think I'm going off the rails on a crazy train..."
SL Info / SL情報
While walking around the shotengai, I bought a couple of craft beers.  Izu no Kuni Beer.  The green can is a weizen while the black can is a stout.

Atami Station Shotengai / 熱海駅商店街
Snacks / お土産
Hey, it was December when we went if you remember.  This is a sign advertising nure okaki, a soft rice cracker.

Yes, we had some.
Passed on the dried fish and squid though.
No, this is not a weird snowman.  It is an ad for dango (not sure how I should translate that).
 Fukufuku no Yu / 福福の湯
If you can find someone to read the above sign, it explains the significance of the Fukufuku no Yu.
Something to the effect that if you wash your hands with this natural hot spring, it will bring you happiness and good fortune.
Guardian of the well?
Fish in holiday mode along with his octopi buddies.
A tanuki family.  Papa Tanuki, my, what big balls you have!
Interesting.  A fire hydrant in the ground.  But very self-explanatory with the design if you ask me.
It's too bad we didn't have enough time to enjoy the foot bath.
It looked so inviting to.  But then we were off to the next destination.  Numazu!

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