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Thrash Domination 2014 / スラッシュ・ドミネーション2014

Time to go back a few months.  Actually, all the way back to last Christmas.  I was debating about going to this show but couldn't decide.  Then one day as I came home from work, there on the table in our living room was a small envelope.  The size that a concert ticket fits in.  Yes, my wife being the wife she is, bought the ticket for me as a Christmas present.  I would get to check out the Thrash Domination Tour for the first time.  And just take a look at the line up!  Exodus as headliners.  Voivod (meh, seen them before when they opened for Soundgarden quite a few years back), but Seattle's own - Sanctuary.  I have both of their albums but never did buy any of the Nevermore albums.  And a thrash band from Denmark - Artillery.  Although I would be heading to this concert on my own, I knew a friend of mine would be going as well. 

ちょっと時間を巻き戻し、去年のクリスマスまで。このライブが発表した時凄い迷ってた。行きたいな、でもちょっと高いな。まだ決めづにいたら、ある日うちに帰ったら、テーブルの上に小さな封筒を発見。ライブのチケットが入る位の封筒。開けてみたら、なんと、このライブのチケットが!妻が買ってくれた。私のクリスマスプレゼントでした。見てこのラインアップ。サンフランシスコを代表するExodus! カナダのVoivod! シアトルからSanctuary! 再結成したSanctuary凄い楽しみにしてた。スラッシュではないけど、正統派のメタルだ。リーダーはなぜNevermoreを解散し、Sanctuaryを再結成したんだろう?あとはデンマークからArtillery!

Last year's Christmas present from my wife.


March rolled around and I was off to Kawasaki's Club Citta.  I went on a Saturday and left a little early so I could grab a bite to eat before checking out the show.  As I was wandering around, one place really caught my eye.  A small craft brewpub called [T.T. Brewery].  What better way to get ready for a thrash show by drinking some craft beers and munching on soe snacks.


Craft Beer T.T Brewery / クラフトビール T.T ブルワーリ
Cream Sauce Gratin Pizza (that's what it said on the menu)
クリームソースグラタンピザ (メニューにはそう書いてあった)。
And off to the show I go.  Although I went by my lonesome, I knew I would be meeting up with one of my friends there.  I would be watching the show with my awesomely cute and metal-loving friend - Imo Maki (um, that's her nickname).  She's married now but still awesomely cute!  Okay okay, back to the show!  First up - Danish band Artillery!
I wasn't familiar with their music but they put on one helluva show.  I may have to go buy a few of their cds.  Imo Maki (who also loves Finnish metal) knew who these guys were and was the band she was looking forward to seeing.
Set List:
1.Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh) 
2.When Death Comes 
3.By Inheritance 
5.10.000 Devils 
7.Terror Squad 
8.The Almighty

Next up was the band I was looking forward to seeing - Seattle's own Sanctuary!  Imo Maki wasn't familiar with their music and didn't know what to expect.  Their music is certainly not thrash but just pure metal.


Set List:

1.Taste Revenge 
2.Seasons of Destruction 
3.Die for My Sins 
4.Battle Angels 
5.White Rabbit  (Jefferson Airplane cover)
6.The Mirror Black 
7.Future Tense 
9.World is Wired 
10.Soldiers of Steel 
11.Eden Lies Obscured

Following Sanctuary were Canadians - Voivod.  However, Imo Maki and I decided to take a break and grabbed a beer (well, I did anyway).  I think we spent almost Voivod's entire set just talking.  We went back to the stage area to catch their encore tune which happened to be the only tune I was familiar with - a cover of Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domini". 

SanctuaryのあとはカナダのバンドVoivod。 このセットはほとんど見てなかった。僕とイモマキは一旦休憩して、ちょっと軽く飲みました(ま、自分はビールタイムでした)。や、ずーとイモマキと話すも楽しい。Voivodのセットが終わる前にステージのほうに戻った。ちょうど最後の曲でした。アンコールもあって、アンコールの曲なんだけど、僕がVoivodで唯一知ってる曲でした。ピンク・フロイドをカバーしてた゛Astronomy Domini"。

Set List:

Intro (The Mystic's Dream)
1.Kluskap O'Kom 
2.Tribal Convictions 
3.Target Earth 
5.Corps Étranger 
6.Psychic Vacuum 
8.Ripping Headaches 
10.Mechanical Mind 
12.Astronomy Domine  (Pink Floyd cover)

And finally San Francisco Bay area thrash gods - Exodus!

そして最後はサンフランシスコ・ベイ・エリアのスラッシュの神的存在 ー Exodus!

Set List:

1.The Ballad of Leonard and Charles 
2.Beyond the Pale 
3.Brain Dead 
4.Fabulous Disaster 
5.Deliver Us to Evil 
6.Funeral Hymn 
7.Children of a Worthless God 
11.Metal Command 
12.War Is My Shepherd 
13.Bonded by Blood 
14.The Toxic Waltz 
15.Strike of the Beast 
16.Shovel Headed Kill Machine

And so ended another full night of headbanging!!  What a great time I had!

そして夜のヘッドバンギングの幕が閉じた!! 超楽しかった!

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