Friday, July 25, 2014

Zumekan / づめかん

I bet you thought the Chiba day trip post was over.  It isn't!  One last thing.  After we got back to Urayasu, Yukio took us to a standing only bar called [Zumekan] near the station.  Dinner was bar food and alcohol!


After trip beer!  Always a good thing!


Or maybe a Caipirinha! Which was really cheap at this place by the way!


But this is what Mikako was craving - kanimiso (crab miso), I think she must have had four or five servings.


Squid and bamboo shoots / イカとメンマ
Yukio ordered this charming dish - raw guts with a bit of garlic.  I was a bit hesitant to give it a try but after a beer or two, I decided to take a bite.  You know what, I ended up eating most of it myself too.  Quite delicious.  Who knew raw offal could be so good!
幸男がガツ刺しを注文したが、アメリカ人の俺はやっぱり最初は遠慮しましたね。ビールがちょっと入ったあと、一口食べてみた。そしたら、あれ? これ結構旨いなと思い、自分がほとんど食べました。

And some grilled morsels to go with the guts.


I finally had to give this a try - Denki Bran, a Japanese "brandy".  I found this amusing bit of trivia on the internet: [Denki Bran liqueur debuted in the late 19th century and is an all-original creation of Asakusa's legendary Kamiya Bar. A mixture of brandy, gin, vermouth and herbs, it's a syrupy-sweet liquid that shares more in common with herbal concoctions like Jägermeister than actual brandy.]


Miho Kanno Noren / 菅野美穂のれん
And so ended our day trip to Chiba!  The only thing left, our hour train ride back home.

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