Sunday, November 10, 2013

Myoden Temple Walk (Part 1) / 妙典お寺巡り (パート1)

As I keep mentioning in previous posts, I'm working backwards, so this is how we spent our morning on a Sunday in Chiba.  We met our friends at the McDonald's in front of Urayasu Station.  Then hopped on the train and got off at Myoden - the start of our 5.2km walk which will cover six main temples, a historic udon shop, and an old-style lamp.


Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture.  10:00am.


Our friends Yukio and Reiko waiting for us at the McDonald's in front of the station.


Yukio had a map of our walking course which showed the directions and highlights of what we were to see.  We only relied on it a few times to make sure we were on that right course.


Our first temple to check out would be Myokouji Temple.


Oranges on a tree.


Oops, this wasn't listed on our map - Kasuga Jinja.  We only stopped in front of the torii.

あれ、この神社は地図に載ってなかった ー 春日神社。 鳥居の前しか見てない。

The path leading to Myokoji Temple.


Myokoji Temple Sanmon Gate / 妙好寺山門
Monument to the restoration of the Sanmon Gate / 山門修復落慶記念
Myoden Jizo-son / 妙田地蔵尊
Myokoji Temple Honden / 妙好寺 本殿
I have no idea who this is.

Torii leading to the Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社前の鳥居
One of the over 30,000 Inari Jinjas you will come across in Japan.
Hm, I don't think this was on our map.  In fact there were quite a few temples and shrines that weren't listed on this temple walk map but we stopped at places that looked interesting.
Manhole cover / マンホールのふた
This temple wasn't on our map either.  Actually, this temple seemed to have two names and it was listed on the map.
Interesting.  This sign says that this temple is to relieve the suffering from asthma.  It also has a small temple dedicated to monkeys.  The story goes that a hunter had shot and killed a monkey.  Afterwards, for three generations, this family's first born son was born deaf.  It was thought that the monkey had cursed the family.
Shrine to the monkeys
The next temple is probably the largest - Tokuganji Temple.
次はこの散歩コースで一番大きいなお寺と思う - 徳願寺。
Tokuganji Temple Niomon / 徳願寺仁王門
Nio / 仁王
Nio / 仁王
Enma Daio / 閻魔大王
Daikokuten, God of Wealth and Commerce / 大黒天、七福神の一つ
Tokuganji Temple Bell / 徳願寺鐘桜
Kannon / 観音様
Tokuganji Temple Kyodo / 徳願寺経堂
Inside the Kyodo / 経堂の中
Tokuganji Hondo / 徳願寺本堂
Tokuganji Hondo / 徳願寺本堂
Enma Daio / 閻魔大王
You usually see the statue of this boy on school grounds.

Just before leaving Tokuganji, something caught my eye and I had to check it out.  It was one of the most beautiful pet cemeteries I've ever seen.  Very cute too.

So cute / 可愛い
Even the back of the cemetery is cute.
The walk continues...

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