Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day Trip to Nikko (Part 5) / 日光日帰り旅行 (パート5)

First of all, my apologies that my Nikko post has not been completed.  I had to take a Sabbatical while my family was visiting from the States.  When they went to Kansai for a week, I then fell under the weather.  But healthy enough when they came back for the last week in Japan.  Then I had to recuperate from the family visit and that is why my blog has not been updated in almost a month.  But now that I'm back, I must continue my post about the day trip I took to Nikko.


And now, aside from the main temple of Toshogu, the area I've been looking forward to seeing, the area where almost all of the buildings are World Heritage Sites.


Hie Jinja (848), now that's old! / 日枝神社
Shinyosha / 神輿舎
Storage building for mikoshi (portable shrines) built during the beginning of the Edo era.
Side view of the Honden / 横から見る本殿
This lantern is designated an Important Cultural Property / 唐銀燈籠 (国指定重要文化財)
Daikokuden / 大国殿
Looks like a ring toss / リングトスだ!
And I score!! / 当たり!!
How can you not love this place / ここは誰でも好きになると思う
Oshinboku / 御神木
This tree is approximately 700 years old, is about 6.35 meters thick, and is 60 meters tall.
Maroishi / 円石 (まろいし)
Maroishi translates to a "Round Rock".  A little difficult for me to translate what the sign says in English but it roughly says if you live your life pure and round as a rock, then you will find happiness.
人の心を丸く、角たてず おだやかに生きれば 自然に人は幸せになれます。
My apologies, I'm not sure who he is / 申し訳ございません、誰だかわかりません
Daikokuden (1745) / 大国殿
Inside the Daikokuden / 大国殿の中
Maneki Daikoku-sama / 招き大国様
Mitomo Jinja / 朋友神社 (みともじんじゃ)
And now, it is time for lunch.
To be continued...

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