Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day Trip to Nikko (Part 3) / 日光日帰り旅行 (パート3)

There is still so much to see at Toshogu and surroundings.


In the distance is Yomeimon / 奥にあるのは陽明門

Yomeimon / 陽明門

 Kairo (Corridor) / 廻廊

I think this was a statue of Ieyasu Tokugawa, Japan's first Shogun
I love the art work on these panels.

 Karamon Gate / 唐門
We are now heading to check out the "Sleeping Cat" by passing through the Sakashita Gate.


Inuki-mon / 鋳抜門
Kano Suze "This sacred cedar, Kano Sugi has been protecting the Inner Shrine area for a long time.  If you pray towards the hole of the tree trunk, the wish will come true. 

Now make your wish! / さ、願い事を!
The Sleeping Cat / 眠り猫
And still to be continued...

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