Sunday, August 25, 2013

Extreme Spice Gourmet Festival / 激辛グルメ祭り

This weekend, you had a choice of festivals to check out.  There was the Azabu Juban Summer Festival (always crowded).  There was the Awa Odori Festival in Koenji.  Yosakoi Festival in Omotesando.  But we didn't choose any of those.  We decided to check out the [Geki Kara Gourmet Matsuri] which translates to [Extreme Spice Gourmet Festival] at Okubo Park in Shinjuku.  Most of you know that I love spicy foods and this festival is right up my alley.  Nine different restaurants and six different countries were represented.  The countries being Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, India and Mexico.

The menu for the "Extreme Spice Festiva" / 激辛グルメのメニュー
You buy food tickets from a vending machine here and then head to the different food booths.
Since it was just me and my wife today, we chose three different dishes.  The mabodofu from the Sichuan restaurant [Kyokaro], chicken tacos from [Fonda de la Madrugada], and stir-fried morning glory from the Thai restaurant [Muan Thai Nabe].
Mabodofu / 麻婆豆腐

Chicken Tacos / チキンタコス
Stir-fried Morning Glory / 空芯菜炒め
The chicken tacos was nothing to write home about, and wasn't spicy at all.  The mabodofu was good.  My wife reminded me that we had actually eaten at the restaurant in Chinatown a few years ago.  I had the mabodofu then too!  But today's highlight was the stir-fried morning glory.  Even though I ordered this as mildly spicy, I don't think the Thai cook understands what the word mild means.  This definitely made you breathe fire but it was so delicious!
One of our favorite ramen shops was represented here today too - [Moukou Tanmen Nakamoto]!  We even saw the owner and managed to take a picture with him.
私たちの好きなラーメン屋もこのイベントに参加してた、それは「猛攻タンメン 中本」。そのラーメン屋の店主も居ましたので、一緒に写真撮りました。
After lunch we had to have some sweets to calm down the fire in our mouths so we went to the Honey Cafe in Shin Okubo (also to do a bit of shopping around there as well).
As this festival continues until the first of September, we are planning on going next week as well with a couple of friends.

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