Thursday, August 15, 2013

Asakusa Ebisu Gyoza / 浅草 恵比寿餃子

Yes, we're in Asakusa in front of Kaminarimon that leads to Sensoji.  But this is not our main reason for coming (as we've been here many times).


Since we're in Asakusa, we shall walk along Nakamise and give our offerings at Sensoji.


Sensoji / 浅草寺

Okay okay, now for the nature of this post.  We went to Asakusa to bet on horses with our friends Yukio and Reiko.  And Yukio told us one of the best spots to hang out while betting and watching the races on a monitor was at Asakusa Ebisu Gyoza!  Love my gyoza so who am I to complain?

はいはい、今回のネタの本題い行きます。浅草にある浅草寺は目的じゃないと先伝えましたね。本当の目的は。。。競馬! 友達の誘いで浅草の昼から馬券を買って、飲みながら、モニターで競馬を見る! 友達が最適な店があると言って、来たのは「浅草 恵比寿餃子」。餃子大好きなので、文句なし。

Is this a great atmosphere or what?


The gyoza here was so good.  They make their own sauce to top the gyoza with - delicious!


But this restaurant doesn't serve just gyoza.  There are quite a few other items on their menu.


Marinated & grilled pork / 焼き豚

This was so good, we had to order it again / これが旨すぎて、追加注文決定

Spicy bean sprouts / ピリ辛もやし

Tantan-men / 坦々麺

Hiya yakko (chilled tofu toped with green onions, bonito flakes and soy sauce) / 冷奴

Betting on horses / 馬券

What?  Not drink while in Asakusa betting on horses?

え? 競馬やってつまみながら酒無し?あり得ない、もちろん飲んでましたよ。

Always great to hang out with friends.


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Rurousha said...

Asakusa! (^0^)

You can bet here on horses? Ooo. I know somebody who's going to be very happy to hear that.

Actually I know two somebodies. Let me go tell them. Thanks for the tip!