Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 12) Japan Snake Center (Part 1) / 群馬小旅行 (パート12) ジャパン・スネーク・センター (パート1)

And now for the next to the last post of our Gunma Weekend Getaway, a post my mother will not really appreciate as it features one of her biggest fears - snakes!!  Before heading back to Tokyo, we went to the Japan Snake Center.

これが群馬旅行の最終ネの手前です。自分のお母さんが一番ヤガルネタになると思います。何故といえば、僕お母さんは大の蛇嫌い人間です。そして東京に帰る前に行ったところがジャパン・スネーク・センター。そうなんです、蛇 蛇 蛇 (と他の爬虫類)。

These stairs lead to the Japan Snake Center / 階段を上るとジャパン・スネーク・センターに着く

Japan Snake Center entrance / ジャパン・スネーク・センター入り口

Nope, not a snake - but is a reptile! / 蛇ではありませんが、確かに爬虫類です!

I didn't bother taking notes on the types of snakes so just enjoy the pictures.


Chameleon / カメレオン

Beautiful critters / 美しい

I was having a staring contest with the chameleon / カメレオンとにらめっこ

Taking venom out of a poisonous snake / 蛇から毒を取るショー


For lunch - deep fried snake of course / 昼食は揚げた蛇です!

Help, the snake is biting my head! / 助けて! 蛇が俺の頭を噛んでる!

Shrine to the White Snake / 白蛇大神

The White Snake Kannon / 白蛇観音

Doesn't it look like a scene from "Lair of the White Worm"? 

I don't think I want to be locked in this cage / ここには入りたくないね

Very large snake! / かなりでっかい蛇

A very yellow snake / すごい黄色な蛇

More snakes to follow...


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Rurousha said...

I think snakes are beautiful!

PS: Did you know that yesterday was World Snake Day? You can see great videos at National Geographic's website. :)