Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Date to Odaiba / お台場デート

On a weekend in March, the wife and I went out a date and we went to the popular date spot of Odaiba.  Of course the main goal was to do a bit of shopping but it was a fairly nice day so we did a lot of walking as well.  To get to Odaiba you must take the Yurikamome Line which runs across the Rainbow Bridge.


Rainbow Bridge / レインボーブリッジ

Venus Fort where we started our shopping / ヴィーナス・フォート、買い物はここから始まった, we did not ride on the Ferris wheel / いえ。。。観覧車には乗ってません

Inside Venus Fort / ヴィーナス・フォートの中

Didn't really buy anything here, but it is where we had lunch.


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