Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gingko Tree Festival / いちょう祭り

Last year we went to one other festival that I hadn't known about.  It was the Gingko Festival at the Meiji Jingu Outer Garden.  It could be an annual thing but this year is the first time that we went. Beautiful autumn colors.


Gingko Tree Tunnel / イチョウのトンネルになってる

Looking up into the trees / 下から見るイチョウ

Blanket of golden leaves / 黄金のカーペットになってる

The Gingko lined street / イチョウ並木

Okay, the gingko trees are beautiful but you all know what I really love about festivals, there's a hint at the bottom of the picture.  Food!!

秋のイチョウは確かに美しい、でも祭りの一番の楽しみと言えば???  写真の下の部分気になりません?そうなんです、食べ物ですよ!

First, must check to see what kinds of food are available.


Ah yes, we are standing in line for the 2012 B-gourmet grand prize winner, Aomori Prefecture, Hachinohe's senbei-jiru.


Senbei-jiru / せんべい汁

Bacon skewer topped with cheese, how could I pass that up?


A regular ole chili dog?  Not quite.  This is made with a sausage that won an award for being the best food item in France in a food item competition!


While I was waiting in line for my chili dog, Mikako stood in line for some yaki imo.


Of course I had some too! / もちろん僕も食べましたよ!

And some craft beer (Fujizakura Heights Weizen) to end our festival visit.


And one last look at the Gingko trees.


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