Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Walk around Shoto / 松濤の散歩

You know, when I discovered that BBQ place in Shibuya, it was by accident.  I was actually going to have a lunch at a restaurant that features the cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago.  A website I was looking at said it was open for lunch even though the hours showed that it was only open for dinner.  I decided to check it out anyway because I wanted to make sure of the location for a future visit.  The restaurant is in Aoyama but not far from Shibuya station, so that it is where the real neighborhood walk starts.


You never know who you will meet when you get off at Shibuya station.


Shibuya art work / 渋谷アート

It was as I feared - the Caribbean place was only open for dinner.  So I went to the BBQ place that I saw from the bus and afterwards decided to walk around Shinsen and Shoto.  I discovered this quiet little park called Nabeshima Shoto Park.


Nabeshima Shoto Park / 鍋島松濤公園

It's not a very large park but it is really peaceful.


Then I found myself in a residential area and discovered this building that was different from the houses surrounding it.  On closer inspection, I found it to be a museum. The Shoto Museum of Art.  Their current exhibit which started on December 11 last year and runs through January 27 27th features Marc Chagall or as written on the sign "Marc Chagall et Yvette Cauquil-Prince en dialogue sur la tapisserie".  I think I might go check it out this weekend.

住宅街に歩いたら一件変わった家がありました。正面にいったら渋谷区立松濤美術館と発覚。昨年の12月11日から1月27日まで「シャガールのタピスリー展」が開催してます。正しくは「マーク・シャガールとイヴェット・コキール=プランス : 二つの才能が織りなすシンフォニー」。明後日行ってみようかな。

It was already closed when I went which is why I'm thinking of going this weekend.


And so ends my little neighborhood walk for the day.


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Rurousha said...

Nice discoveries! I really need to get over my reluctance to visit Shibuya. Not sure why I have Shibuya phobia: perhaps it's because the station is so confusing, perhaps because the area makes me feel old (heh heh), perhaps because there are too many tourists.

Clearly I've just been going to the wrong places!