Saturday, December 22, 2012

Country Farm Tokyo German Village / 東京ドイツ村

Our last point of interest before heading back to Tokyo was the Country Farm Tokyo German Village.  A German village in Tokyo?  Well, Chiba!  I don't know what was so German about the place except for the buildings and the traffic cones with the colors of the German flag.


Aren't these little houses just the cutest things ever?


Had to ride all the funky bikes at the amusement area of the German Village.


Duck bike / あひる自転車

Dolphin bike was the most uncomfortable / イルカ自転車は一番心地悪い

Aunt Purara / プララおばさん

Look, swan boats - yep, we partook in this activity as well.

あっ、見て、白鳥船 ‐ これも乗りましたよ。

And so ended our overnight trip to Minami Boso.


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Rurousha said...

Dear Ern

May I please have a wallpaper version of you on the duck bike? ^^

Your fan

PS: German village? Err. Where are the buxom flaxen-haired beer-carrying Fräulein?!