Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hyonbu Shokudo / 兄夫食堂 (ひょうんぶしょくどう)

 When my friend, the American Tourist was visiting Japan, we decided to take him out for some Korean cuisine (after all, he would be heading to Korea next).  Instead of going to Shin Okubo, Tokyo's Korea Town, we went to a place called [Hyonbu Shokudo] in Shibuya.  Mikako and one of her friends had dined here on a previous occasion.  It appears that this is the sister store, the main shop being located in Akasaka.


My half-Korean friend informed me that the assortment of kimchi and salad served before the main meal is called bahn chahn.

韓国人のハフの友達がこの最初に出るキムチとサラダなどは韓国語で“バンチャン” というそうです。

The kimchi here was delicious!


And now for some of the main dishes:


Bulgogi of course!!


And seafood chijimi  (often described as Korean-style pancakes, similar to the Japanese okonomiyaki).


And toppoki!  (I was later informed by the American Tourist's Korean friend that since this dish includes ramen noodles in it, the correct name would be rappoki).


Bon Appetit!


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