Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mishuku Jinja / 三宿神社

This is the neighborhood shrine of my old place.  Mishuku Jinja.  I had lived in Mishuku for ten years but it wasn't until my seventh year of living here that I even knew this place existed.  I guess I wasn't much for walking back then.  The stone pillar on the left shows the name of the shrine, "Mishuku Jinja" while the pillar on the right provides the name of the God that resides here, "Bishamonten" - one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan.


A monument commemorating the completion of the shrine.


It is not known when this shrine was built but estimated to be around the beginning of the Meiji Era.  You can find more detailed information on the shrine at the URL listed below.

Unfortunately, it is entirely in Japanese and I could not translate the page in its entirety.  For the size of a neighborhood shrine, its amazing that I hadn't discovered it earlier.

Old and new.  I think this was one of those wells for fire.  The item in red to the right is a present day extinguisher.


Kaguraden / 神楽殿

Walking up to the main shrine.


Honden / 本殿

Mishuku Jinja's Komainu / 三宿神社の狛犬

An Inari Jinja at Mishuku Jinja / 三宿神社にある稲荷神社

A shrine behind the shrine?  / 神社の裏に神社?

More monuments / ほかの記念碑もある

Even neighborhood shrines make for interesting walks.


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