Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kamen Cider / 仮面サイダー

A post my brother will appreciate.  Some time ago, my neighborhood vending machine was filled with Kamen Rider and Ultraman themed ciders and cokes.  I thought I would present this one first.  The common thugs of Kamen Rider.  Don't you just love the play on the name - Kamen Cider!

僕の兄貴がこういうネタ好きかも。結構前ですけど、うちの近所にある自動販売機に仮面サイダーとウルトラコーラーが入ってた。 一番最初に紹介するのは仮面ライダーの敵、ショッカーの形の缶。仮面サイダーのネーミングも良いね。

Okay, you caught me - this is a filler post so at least you will all have something new to read before I write about another neighborhood walk or temple or shrine or restaurant or...

バレたか? 長いネタ書く時間がなく、何か更新したい時にこういうネタを書く。でも面白いと思えないですか。


Rurousha said...

Yes, it's very cute and clever and all that, but where's the post about your I-still-don't-believe-it excursion with your mom? :D

Tokyo Ern said...

Coming soon! (Really!)