Friday, May 4, 2012

Hakata Tenjin / 博多天神

And even more food posts.  It's been a short while since I featured a ramen shop and I can't believe I haven't featured this one before.  I used to go to the Shibuya branch quite often.  Yes, this a chain shop that specializes in tonkotsu ramen, the pork based soup broth that originated in Kyushu.  The shop only serves tonkotsu ramen but you can order a variety of it from the plain ramen to my favorite - nori ramen.  There are spices you can add set on the counter as well.  I always add a dab of garlic, along with some other toppings.  I don't know if this was an every day service at this branch, but the sign out front said your first kaedama (extra noodles) was free.  Of course I ordered an extra plate - it was free after all.


Nori Ramen / のりラーメン

Bon Appetit!


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