Sunday, May 20, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 2 (Part 4) / お母さんとの三日間 二日目 (パート4)

Can you believe I'm still writing about my second day with Mom.  So far we've been to the Todoroki  Valley and Todoroki Fudoson, we walked up the "Shusse no Ishidan" (Stairway to Success) at Atago Jinja, we browsed through the NHK Broadcasting Museum, and we snacked on French cheeses.  But Mom still has energy and is determined to go to Kanda Myojin and Sengakuji.  Once again we were off to the train station.  However, when we got off the train at Ochanomizu (the closest station to Kanda Myojin), the weather took a turn for the worse.  The beautiful sun disappeared to be replaced by pouring rain.  But that wasn't going to stop us.  However, we decided to have lunch first and hoped the rain would lighten up a bit before checking out Kanda Myojin.  With luck, the rain did die down and we were able to check out Kanda Myojin without getting too wet.


Mom at the entrance to Kanda Myojin / 神田明神の入り口い立つお母さん

Kanda Myojin / 神田明神

Mom is a fan of Zenigata Heiji / お母さんは銭形平次のファンでした

Mom was familiar with most of the names of the actors who participated in the dramatized version of "Zenigata Heiji".


Mom in front of the main shrine / 神田明神の本堂の前に立つお母さん

Kanda is also famous for its amazake (a sweet non-alcoholic drink made from fermented rice) and Mom wanted to have some at a shop that was featured on a television program she had watched.


Amanoya / 雨野屋

Kanda Amazake / 神田甘酒

While we were enjoying our amazake, this 83yr old grandpa who was sitting across from us started talking to us.  He was a very interesting man and fun to talk to but my mother and I had to refrain from bursting out into laughter as he his dentures would nearly fall out while talking to us on numerous occasions.  I asked Mom if she still wanted to go to Sengakuji which she responded with an "Of course!"  So off to Sengakuji it is!


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Rurousha said...

This is one of my favourite temples in Tokyo, so it was fun to read about your mother's visit.

PS: You've made me want to go to Amanoya myself. I've never tried that drink, but I'm sure my sweet tooth will like it! ^^