Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Walk between Rikugien Gardens and the Kyu Furukawa Gardens / 六儀園と旧古河庭園の間の散歩

Leaving Rikugien Gardens, I headed back towards Komagome station but went past it walking in the other direction as I decided to check out the Kyu Furukawa Gardens as well today.  On my way there, I came across a couple of interesting sites.


Komagome Myogizaka Kodosodate Jizo-son / 駒込妙義坂地蔵尊

If you are not familiar with the Jizo in Japan, let me give you the extremely short explanation.  Jizo are the guardian of children.  The Jizo protects the souls of those who were miscarried, stillborn, or aborted.  You can check the internet for more details on the origin and myth of the Jizo.

Kame-no-yu / 亀の湯

This is a rapidly disappearing site in Tokyo but its still nice to know that a lot of them are still in business.  This is a sento (public bathhouse) built in that Showa era style.  There is a sento in our neighborhood as well that we sometimes go to.  Cheaper than an onsen but just as relaxing.


Kotobuki Jizo-son / ことぶき地蔵尊

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Rurousha said...

There are a number of remaining sento in my old-fashioned neighbourhood, but ... I've never been brave enough to go inside. The average age of visitors seems to be 93 years and 5 months. :D