Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Walk around Rikugien Gardens (Part 3) / 六儀園の散歩 (パート3)

You know you can spend all day at these beautiful gardens and never get bored.  Here are the next batch of scenic viewpoints at Rikugien Gardens before I took a tea break at one of the chayas.


Tsutsuji-no-chaya / つつじの茶屋

This teahouse was built using the wood of old trees during the Meiji period.  It managed to survive the war and at the present time is still a site of great attraction because of its rare and beautiful form that can be seen at its best when maples turn red in the fall.


Mine-no-hanazono / 峰花園

Hanato komichi / 尋芳径 (はなとうこみち)

The Hanato komichi is also one of Rikugien's "88 Views of Rikugien".

Site of Ginka-tei ("88 Views of Rikugien" No.51) / 吟化亭跡 六儀園八十八境 五十一

It is believed that the Ginka-tei was built primarily for the purpose of hanami (cherry blossom viewing).


No, this wasn't taken from the site of the Gnika-tei but near the teahouse where I took a short break.


Fukiage-no-hama and Fukiage-no-matsu (the old pine tree) ("88 Views of Rikugien No. 63 & 64) / 吹上浜と吹上の松 「六儀園八十八境」 六十三・六十四

Fukiage-no-chaya / 吹上茶屋

This is where I took a short break and had some matcha and japanese sweets while checking out the cherry blossoms and other views.


Enjoying more cherry blossoms before my final stint around the gardens.


To be continued...


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