Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Walk around the Kyu Furukawa Gardens (Part 3) / 旧古河庭園の散歩 (パート3)

My final walk around the Kyu Furukawa Gardens.


A nice view of Shinji-ike by the "Yukimi-type" garden lantern / 雪見型灯篭から心字池の良い眺め

"Karetaki" (Dry Waterfall) / 枯滝

This dry waterfall which incorporates stones to create an image of flowing water, is part of the traditional Japanese garden design tradition of using rocks to enable visual effects of hills and water.  To the rear of the indented edge of the pond there is a miniature river gorge that was constructed using Mikage-ishi, Ao-ishi and Gorota-ishi.


"Jugo-soto" Fifteen storied stone pagoda / 十五層塔

"Nuresagi-type" garden lantern / 濡鷺型灯篭

"Kasuga-type" garden lantern / 春日型灯篭

Back gate / 裏門

Another view of Shinji Ike / 心字池

And another look at the Western style residence / そしてもう一度洋館を眺める

So concludes my walk around the Kyu Furukawa Gardens.


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Rurousha said...

There's the dry waterfall! Hmmm. It still looks as if somebody forgot to turn on the tap. Can I go to Vic Falls now? :D