Friday, March 9, 2012

A Walk around Kanda Myojin (Part 2) / 神田明神の散歩 (パート2)

As I continue my wanderings around Kanda Myojin, I couldn't help but notice a pony.  Perhaps its the shrine's mascot.  Taking a closer look, I discovered that its name is Akari.


Akari-chan is taken for a little walk / 明ちゃんも散歩中

Here is something really cool located to the right of the main shrine - the Lion Rock!


You can see the silhouette of the Lion Rock below the tree.


This is cool too, Ebisu-sama riding on a wave!


And this is the largest statue of Daikoku-sama in Japan measuring 6.6 high and made from about 30 tons of stone.


Now lets check out the surrounding smaller shrines. Jinja translates to shrine by the way.


Uogashisui Jinja / 魚河岸水神社

Kobunacho Yakumo Jinja / 小舟町八雲神社

Kodenmacho Yakumo  Jinja / 小伝馬町八雲神社

Edo Jinja / 江戸神社

Urayasu Inari Jinja / 浦安稲荷神社

Suehiro Inari Jinja / 末広稲荷神社

Mishuku Inari Jinja・Kotohira Jinja / 三宿稲荷神社・金刀比羅神社

Kagoso Jinja / 籠祖神社

Soreisha / 祖霊社

And do you know what?  There is still more to see.


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Rurousha said...

Pony pictures! Plus that small Inari shrine at the back! Happy. Thanks! (I want that pony.)

I didn't know that was the biggest Daikoku statue. Sensei Ern continues to enlighten! :-)