Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Walk around Hibiya (Part 2) / 日比谷の散歩 (パート2)

Before I went in search of the Hibiya Godzilla, as I was walking around I discovered that the Tokyo Takarazuka is also located there.  I didn't know that Tokyo at their own Takarazuka theater.


Takarazuka star? / 宝塚の人?

The current shows playing at the Takarazuka Theater.


Then of course I went to find Godzilla (which I featured in my last post).  And as I said, it was really cold that day, so I continued my walk inside the Imperial Hotel.

そのあとはもちろんゴジラを会いに (前回のネタ)。その日、凄く寒かったので散歩の続きは近くにあった帝国ホテルへ。

It was still Christmas time when I went to the Imperial Hotel, but as its now near the end of February I decided not to add the pictures of the Christmas decorations and I already wrote about the Sweets Festival as well.


Inside the hotel lobby you can find the model of the original hotel which ran from 1890 - 1919.

ホテルの中で初代本館の模型があります。1890 (明治23年)開業でした。

In 1923, the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the second generation Imperial Hotel which stood until 1967.


And the current building.


From the sign: [The present main building, built in 1970.  At the rear is the Imperial Tower, finished in 1983, comprised of upper floor accommodations, middle floor office space, and shops and restaurants on the lower floors.  The complex was the first such large scale multi-function structure of its kind in Japan.]

サインから:「1970年 (昭和45年)開業の現本館。後方は1983年(昭和58年)開業の帝国ホテルタワー。高層部のホテル、中層部のオフィス、低層部のショップ・レストランが一体のなって機能する日本初の大型複合ビルとしてオープンした。」

They also had a model of the Imperial Hotel Osaka as well which opened on March 15th, 1996.

帝国ホテル 大阪の模型もありました。帝国ホテル大阪は1996年(平成8年)開業しました。

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