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Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum (Part 1) / 新横浜ラーメン博物館 (パート1)

It's been a while since I've been here.  This would be my third visit.  The last time I was here was with my mother and my sister.  I was planning on taking the American Tourist (Bryan) here last year as well but we didn't have enough time.  As Bryan made his second trip to Japan a few weeks ago and came to Tokyo a week or so ago (he spent most of this trip in the Kansai area), I planned on doing the ramen museum first.


Once you enter the museum and head to where all the ramen shops are (there are always nine but on a rotating basis), its as if you made a time slip into Showa Era Japan (Showa 33 or 1958 to be exact.  Just for a bit of history, this museum was first built in 1994.  Apparently, the first food museum to be created anywhere in the world.  And it may seem impossible to eat at all 9 ramen shops, especially if you order a regular bowl.  Fortunately, you can choose a mini bowl if you want to try more than one bowl of ramen. These were the ramen shops that were featured when we went.  Ryushanhai from Yamagata Prefecture; Ganjya from Saitiama Prefecture (the only tsuke-men shop, ramen that you dip into the broth); Men no Bou [Toride] from Tokyo; Taiho Ramen from Kurume; Ideshoten from Wakayama Prefecture; Komurasaki from Kumamoto Prefecture; Ramen no Eki from Sapporo; Shinasobaya from Yokohama; and Nidaime Genkotsuya, also from Tokyo.

博物館を入ったら、ラーメン屋がある所に行くと昭和時代の日本にタイムスリップ (昭和33の出来です、なぜと言えば、インスタントラーメンが1958年に誕生、世界中でラーメンブームが起こりました。こちらの博物館は1994に出来た。世界初のフードテーマパークでした。そして全国から9店舗のラーメン屋のラーメンが選ばれる。多くのラーメンを食べたい方はミニのメニューもあります。今回出店してる9店舗のラーメン屋は①山形県の「龍上海」 ②埼玉県のつけ麺の店「頑者」 ③東京の「麺の坊 砦」 ④久留米の「大砲ラーメン」 ⑤和歌山県の「井出商店」 ⑥熊本県の「こむらさき」 ⑦札幌の「らーめんの駅」 ⑧横浜の「支那そばや」 と⑨東京の「二代目げんこつ屋」。

Timeslip to Showa Japan / 昭和時代の日本にタイムスリップ

On to our first ramen shop.  We decided on [Nidaime Genkotsuya].  A ramen with a soy sauce based broth.

最初のラーメン屋を選んだのは「二代目 げんこつ屋」。

Shoyu Ramen / 醤油ラーメン

We wandered around Showa Japan before deciding on our second ramen shop.


A program from the ear on an old television set.


You don't see the old post office boxes anymore and I didn't notice when we were there but that scooter also has the postal mark on it and also has the kanji for post office.


A couple of ramen shops we didn't go to / 行かなかった2件のラーメン屋

The second ramen shop we went to was Yamagata Prefecture's [Ryu Shanhai].  This was my choice as I was taken in by the words spicy!  The broth of this shop is miso based and the ramen I ordered is also topped with a spicy miso.  Spicy foods does not seem to be Bryan's vocabulary.

二件目のラーメン屋は山形県の「龍上海」。この店僕が選びました。メニューで目に止まったのはからみそという文字! もちろん店のラーメンは味噌らーめん。自分が注文したのは“赤湯からみそラーメン”。ブライアンはスパイシー料理が苦手なので、普通の味噌ラーメンを注文。

Aka Yu Kara Miso Ramen / 赤湯からみそラーメン

Hm, [Ryu Shanhai] is mainly a miso ramen shop but the above looks like Shoyu Ramen.


Our third and last ramen shop was the tsuke-men place from Saitama called [Ganjya].  Bryan was not familiar with the tsukemen trend in Japan and since it looked different from the other ramen shops he wanted to check it out.


Tsuke-men / つけ麺

We were full but I was thinking maybe one more ramen shop, after a short break, so we once again wandered around Showa Japan.


Replica of a tobacco shop / たばこの店 (本物ではないんですが)

The door says Bar Pusan (although this door doesn't open, there however is a bar that you can drink beer and spirits in but that will be featured on the next post).


To be continued...


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