Thursday, September 22, 2011

C'est Moi! / セ モア

After having a glass of wine with olives at OTTO, I continued my walk.  I was headed towards home when I stumbled upon this little place called [C'est Moi!] which serves frizzas.  What's a frizza?  A pizza fritter or I suppose a simpler explanation would be a miniature calzone.  The variety of frizzas are pretty diverse.  I decided to treat myself to a spicy frizza which is served with minced meat, tomato and mozzarella cheese along with a lot of spices to give it that kick.  I'm sure you're all wondering the same thing I was when I first came upon this place.  Why is the name of the shop French but the colors below are that of Italy.  The answer was simple.  The food is mostly Italian but the owner learned his chops in France.

OTTOでワインを飲んだあと、また散歩に戻りました。そろそろうちに帰ろうとおもったが、また気になる店を発見。三軒茶屋で二年前に出来た「セ モア!」です。この店の代表料理はフリッザフリッザってなに?それはピザのフリッタです。簡単に説明するとミニカルゾーネと言っても良い。フリッザのバラエティも豊富です。自分が選んだのはフリッザ スパイシー。食べログでこういうふうに説明されてます:ぴりっとくる辛さがクセになる。香辛料をきかせた挽肉、オリジナル辛味ソース、イタリアのトマト、モッツァレラ。 みんな気になる所もう一つあるでしょ。店の名前はフランス語なのになぜイタリアの国旗の色が下にある。答えは料理はイタリアンですが、オーナーがフランスで修業してったってことです。

Although this is a fast food place, the shop does have a small terrace where you can relax and eat as well.


Welcome sign leading up to the terrace.


The terrace is like a small picnic area.  I had the entire place to myself that day.


The view from the terrace / テラスからの眺め

This is a frizza.  Regular size is only 450yen.  You can order a big size for 850yen.

これがフリッザ。 通常は一個¥450.ビッグサイズも選べるの、それは¥850.

Quite yummy I must say / 超美味しい

Bon Appetit!



janet brown said...

What a delightful place, Ernie!

lvroftiques said...

That's wacky Ern! But it looks delicious! I saw "c'est moi" and I thought it was going to be a post about you *winks*....And I guess it was lol! Vanna