Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maui Vacation (Last Day) Part 2 / マウイ島旅行 (最終日) パート2

Last day in Maui.  Before being taken to the airport we went to the Wailea Mall.  Here we came across an actual Lappert's Ice Cream shop.  Of course we had to have some!

マウイ島最終日。空港行くまえにワイレア・モールに行きました。ここで「Lappert's Ice Cream」ショップ発見。もちろんここでもアイスを食べた!

One of the entrances to the Wailea Mall / ワイレア・モールの入り口

Lappert's Ice Cream Shop

This time I treated myself to a Kauai Pie which includes Kona Coffee ice cream, chocolate fudge, coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, and vanilla cake crunch.


Mikako treated herself to a Triple Summer Berry Swirl which includes blackberry, strawberry and raspberry.


A fine looking group of adults enjoying their ice cream.


One final beer at the condo with Tyrone.

空港行く前のマウイ島で最後のビール 。

Our plane to take us from Maui to Oahu.


Up in the air / 空路に飛んでます

Not sure if this was our plane our not / これがうちの便かどうか分からない

Primo Beer on our flight back to Tokyo.


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