Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grant Heights 1970-1974 (Part 2) / グラントハイツ 1970-1974 (パート2)

The following are more pictures of Grant Heights from 1970-1974.  Unfornately, as I was just a child, I cannot remember what the purpose a lot of the buildings were fore.


The person who sent me these pictures did say he was part of security so this must be his main work station.


I see that the sign says Mutsumi Dai which I think was another housing area.


Mechanical and Sanitation Unit

Plumbing Shop Office

Sheet Metal Shop

Telephone Exchange

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Anonymous said...

Matsumidai. In one of your photos was technically a US diplomatic compound. It had one gate leading to Japanese area and one to Grant Heights. Families in Matsumidai used Grant Heights, but the military worked with Japanese on Japanese bases or government buildings.