Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maui Vacation (Day 3) Lahaina Part 1 / マウイ島旅行 (三日目) ラハイナ パート1

Getting back to my posts about our recent vacation to Maui, after enjoying ourselves at the beach in Wailea, we returned to the condo.  Our friend suggesting go to the small whaling village of Lahaina which was only about thirty minutes away by car.  It seemed like a good plan, so off we went.


On our way to Lahaina following a coastal road.


And here we are in Lahaina.  I love the rustic buildings.  The atmosphere of the place.  It reminds me of Seattle's Waterfront District.

ラハイナに到着。 建物が可愛い。街の雰囲気も最高。なんだか実家のシアトルを思い出す感じ。

Forrest Ern at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant.  "Stupid is as stupid does."  And those shoes aren't mine, they're Forrest Gump's.

フォレスト・アーニー、“フォレスト・ガンプ”に出るババ・ガンプ・シュリンプ・コンパニ・レストランの前。 フォレストのスニーカーがベンチの下に設置されてる!

"Life is like a box of chocolates..."


Old Lahaina Center / オルド・ラハイナ・センター

A local checkin' out us tourists!  地元のオッサンが観光客の私たちをどう思うのかね?

There was a story to this shipwreck but I didn't bother writing down the details so you will just have to enjoy the picture.


This tree is located on land that was known as the "King's Taro Patch", the royal taro patch of King Kamehameha.


Pioneer Inn / パイオニア・イン

When in Lahaina, you must not miss out on the town's most famous symbol - the Banyan Tree in Courthouse Square.  The tree is huge!   Beautiful and strange.  The tree is over 60 feet high, has twelve major trunks and covers an area of about 200 feet.


The above picture might not give a good idea of how large this tree is, so check out the following pic with my wife in the foreground.


The Old Lahaina Courthouse / オルド・ラハイナ・コートハウス

Our travels continue...



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