Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Photos / ランダム・写真

Just a few random photos I took on one of my various walks.  These were actually taken in my neighborhood, except for the first three which were taken in a part of Shin Okubo that isn't Korea Town.

またまたランダム写真の特集。最初の3枚を除いて下記の写真はうちの近所の近くで撮ったやつ。 最初の3枚は韓国じゃない新大久保に撮った。

As you can see, this Mosque is located on the fourth floor of a building (and the building looks nothing at all like the picture)


Pomegranate Juice Drink just sounded too good to pass up.  The wife decided on Mango.  We also found these in the part of Shin Okubo where there are hardly any Korean shops or restaurants.  The area is full of halal shops which also sells a lot of spices as well.  You would think you're somewhere in the Middle East or the Muslim neighborhoods of Southeast Asia as the above drinks are a product of Thailand.


This is a dessert called besan barfie made with Bengal gram (chickpea flour), ghee, sugar, raisins, walnuts, and cardamon.  I found it to be quite delicious but my wife said it smelled and tasted like medicine. 


The following pictures are some grafitti I discovered in my neighborhood.  They aren't murals, but at least they are as bad as some of the tags you see around town.


The next few pictures were taken along a ryokudo (walking path).


And yes, Tokyo isn't just full of temples and shrines.  There are churches as well.


What can that be in the middle of the road?


One shoe!  I wonder where the other one is, or rather, what happened to the person who had been wearing it?



lvroftiques said...

Awww thanks for putting me on the sidebar Ern. I'd love some of that juice...can you pass me a can? How goes life in Japan? Is there ongoing trouble from the quake? We've had about a gazillion days of rain here in Wash. But that didn't stop M and I from going out for Cinco de Mayo...ARRIBA!! LOL! V

Tokyo Ern said...

I put it on the sidebar after you left your first comment on some time ago. Been reading your posts. I think I might even have a couple of things you would appreciate in our tiny little abode. Off to Maui tomorrow!