Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Walk around Atagoyama & Surroundings (Part 2) / 愛宕山とその周辺の散歩 (パート2)

As I was walking up Atagoyama, I couldn't help but notice these bright yellow vans.  On closer inspection, these vans were part of the shop that's hidden.  It was a specialty cheese shop called [Fermier].  I thought I would check it out on my way back down.  But first, after checking out Atago Jinja, it started to rain and since I didn't bring an umbrella with me, I decided to find safety in the building next door which was the NHK Museum of Broadcasting and admission was free!


I wasn't sure if pictures were allowed but found it to be quite an interesting place.  All four floors are part of the museum.  The first floor houses the first television set in Japan and covers the birth of broadcasting.  The second floor has an Experience Room where you can sit at a news desk and be a newscaster.  It also covers the history of broadcasting from radio to digital.  The third floor covers the progress of broadcasting for the 80 years.  You can see and hear old news pieces such as the Tokyo Firebombing, the Emperor's speech ending World War II, and the wedding of the Emperor's son.  The fourth floor houses the reference library and memorials for broadcasting cultural awards.  The day I went, they also had on display, autographs and pictures of performers from the last Kohaku Utagassen (the annual New Year's Eve music program) and the costumes from the current Taiga (historical) drama on NHK, "Koh" starring Juri Ueno.  You can check out the NHK Museum of Broadcasting site at http://www.nhk.or.jp/museum/  You can choose to check out the site in a variety of languages.


As I mentioned earlier, Atagoyama is located near the Tokyo Tower.  I figured I would walk there as well, but before that, I decided to take a short break at [Fermier] where I ordered a season dessert - Cherry Blossom flavored rare cheesecake.  And since this is mainly a specialty cheese shop, what goes well with cheese?  Wine, of course.  I decided on the house white.



Cherry Blossom Rare Cheesecake / 桜のレアチーズケーキ

With a glass of white wine no less / 白ワインと一緒

Atago Shrine is located at the top of the hill, which is Atagoyama.


As I was walking towards Tokyo Tower, I came across some other temples and shrines.


View of the Tokyo Tower / 東京タワーが見える

Seishoji Temple / 青松寺 (せいしょうじ)

Seishoji Temple / 青松寺

Looking back at the entrance gate to Seishoji Temple / 青松寺の門

I just love finding new places to check out.  As I head towards Tokyo Tower, I decided to verge off the path once again and headed to Zozoji Temple first.  My walk continues.


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I love how generously you show us Tokyo--thank you.