Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shirokuma Curry / シロクマカレー

Last week on my day off, for lunch I treated myself to some authentic Japanese curry at a new place called Shirokuma Curry in Sangenjaya.  This used to be the location of the ramen shop "Boo" which apparently has either moved or gone out of business.  There are only two types of curry on the menu - beef or chicken.  However, there is a variety of toppings to choose from as well.  I ordered the chicken curry and topped it with some brocolli, fried mini tomatoes and garlic chips.


Quite delicious.  The shop also has a special sauce they created called "Curry Delicious".  If you like your curry spicy then you should use the sauce.


Toppings menu.  As the menu is all written in Japanese, I will translate starting with the top row from left to right. 

Row 1: Shirokuma gyoza, pork cutlet, fried prawns, hamburger, avocado, chicken nuggets, sausage

Row 2: mushrooms, buttered potato, asparagus, fried bananas, onion rings, vegetable croquette, cheese

Row 3: poached egg, mixed beans, spinach, brocolli, fried mini tomatoes, pineapple, garlic chips

Explanation of "Curry Delicious" sauce.  It's an oil mixed with different herbs and spices to bring out more umami from the curry. 

Shirokuma says "Once you use this sauce, you won't be able to stop.  That's a promise from [Shirokuma Curry]".

Bon Appetit!


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