Friday, April 22, 2011

Revisiting the Meguro Parasitological Museum / 二回目の目黒寄生虫館

Okay, this post may not be for the squeamish.  Some of you may remember that I took my brother-in-law here when he was in town.  And we also checked out the pachinko museum as well.  I imagine you're all wondering why?  Why would I go to the Parasite Museum again.  This time, it was my friend's girlfriend who wanted to go so it became a double-date.  Of course we went out for lunch before checking out said parasites!



Okay, you can still breathe easy as the above pictures are only of the sign and the building.  The museum covers only two floors and you can probably see the entire collection in about 30 minutes.  You may think that the place would be empty because of its subject but you would be mistaken.  This place is always quite crowded.  Families with children, couples out on a date (hey, that would include us, what d'ya know) and people who just like the bizarre and strange.  This is the only museum of its kind in Japan, in fact, it may be the only museum of its kind in the world.  And admission is free! Now, beware!


Not sure what kind of parasites those are but they were found on the skin of a whale, eeewwww!


Anasakis parasites found in a dolphin's stomach.


It's not just animals that must beware of parasites, as humans can be hosts too and can cause blindness or swollen legs (depending on the parasite of course)



You might find yourself with legs with skin like an elephant.

But by far, the star attraction of the creepy little museum would have to be this 8.8 meter tapeworm (that would be well over 20 feet) that came out of the body of a man who ate some bad sushi!


And another tapeworm that came out of some poor soul's body.

Lovely critters aren't they?  NOT!!


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Dom said...

That looks like a really interesting place. Japan is full of weird museums. The other day I saw a sign for the Bee Museum, and visited the Weighing Scale Museum in Matsumoto. Odd.