Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tori Yoshi / 鳥良 (とりよし)

After the Eikichi Yazawa concert, I headed over to the JCB Hall near the Tokyo Dome to meet up with Mikako and Nana (my sister-in-law). We decided that we would have dinner together and wanted to take Nana to this place in Shibuya that serves some great chicken wings at a placed called [Tori Yoshi]. This would be me and Mikako's third time (second time at this particular branch) where we found the chicken wings to be just as good as the ones from [Sekai no Yama-chan]. Oh, and the gyoza topped with "raiyu you can eat" is just as awesome. Delicious! We also ordered a tofu dish and an avocado salad. All of the items were scrumptious!


Chicken wings / 手羽先 (大辛)

Tofu / 大吟醸絹仕込み豆腐(塩添え)

Gyoza topped with rayu / 水餃子の食べるラー油掛け

Avocado salad / アボカドのミルフィーユサラダ

Fried rice with chicken / 鳥ねぎチャーハン

Appetizer of octopus and mekabu / おとおし

Bon Appetit!


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