Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overnight Trip to Gotemba & Hakone (Part 1) / 御殿場・箱根一泊旅行 (パート1)

The day after Christmas, Mikako and I headed down to Shizuoka Prefecture again, this time to spend some time with my friend Endo-san and his girlfriend. Endo-san lives in Mishima in Shizuoka Prefecture and it's been a few years since I've seen him. He had invited us to come join him to check out the holiday illumination at a place called [Toki no Sumika] in Gotemba. We took the highway bus from Shibuya to Mishima where Endo-san came to meet us. His girlfriend was still working so first we went out for a light lunch at a tiny ramen shop called [Shoen]. It looked like a little Mom and Pop place, but as it was around 3:00pm, there wasn't a lot of options to choose from.


View of Mt. Fuji from the bus / バスから見えた富士山

Shoen / 正園

Chashu-men / チャーシュー麺

Gyoza/ 餃子

We still had time before Endo-san's girlfriend got off work to head to Gotemba, so Endo-san drove us around town.


Another view of Mt. Fuji, this time from Mishima / 真島から見えた富士山

We finally headed to Gotemba where we had reservations for a place called the Blueberry Lodge.


Front for Blueberry Lodge / ブルーベリー・ロッジのフロント

We were in 202B which has two rooms, a large kitchen and dining area and of course a bathroom and shower stall (however, there is also two separate onsens here as well so I know we wouldn't be using the showers at night).


Our lodge / 私たちのロッジ

To be continued...


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