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Loud Park 2010 (Part 3 : Day 2) / ラウドパーク 2010 (パート3 : デイ 2)

I made it back home safely from the first night of Loud Park. It was a little after midnight. Tomorrow will be another full day of loud heavy music, and this time, Mikako will be joining me. Once again, I woke up early and we left the house at 9:30am. As you can see from the souvenir towel showing the bands playing on Sunday, I was definitely looking forward to seeing Ozzy and Motorhead as well. Although Loudness is listed, they only played the Kobe show on Saturday. I told Mikako I didn't want to miss 3 Inches of Blood. As we took the same trains I took yesterday, we were at the Saitama Super Arena just a little before 11am and inside the arena as 3 Inches of Blood took the stage.



01. Battles and Brotherhood

02. Silent Killer

03. Trial of Champions

04. Forest King

05. Wykydtron

06. Deadly Sinners

07. The Goatriders Horde

Oh, these guys were cool. I think they could hold their own with the likes of Testament or Anthrax. Excellent thrash metal from Canada. I'm glad we made it in time for their set.



01. Hash Wednesday

02. Babylon, CA

03. Destroy

04. Explode

05. Dig

06. Manifest Destination

07. Incarnate

08. I Block

09. Envy

10. F.Y.R.A.

11. Worthless Nights

12. Vultures

13. Walking Disease

14. Well of Souls

15. Sacramento is Dead

16. Lepers to Feed the Lepers

17. Birth, Plague, Die

OMG! Someone forgot to take out the garbage!! I think these guys had the mistaken belief that an arena is a venue for an intimate club show. Their handful of fans (maybe about 10) created a small mosh pit that was embarrassing to watch. Even after the two songs we did try to stomach, when they ended, aside from their hardcore fans, the entire arena was silent!! Why they were added to the line-up in place of Five Finger Death Punch will always remain a mystery. They sucked so bad, I told Mikako lets not waste our time in watching any more of the "Trash"!



01. One More Time

02. Wild Touch

03. Love Machine

04. Romance

05. Back to Paradise

06. Badass

07. Beautiful Bomb

I was still a little tired from yesterday's show and Mikako was unfamiliar with most of the other bands so we decided to watch the next two sets from the stands. Trash Talk's set couldn't end soon enough for us! This next band was a hard rock band from Finland. The term "cock rock" comes back to mind with a vocalist that looks like David Lee Roth from his hey days! They may be 30 years behind the times but it sure was some feel good music!



01. It's Not You

02. What Were You Expecting?

03. Innocence

04. Familiar Taste of Poison

05. Nothing to Do with Love

06. Dirty Work

07. I Get Off

The only thing I knew about this band is that the vocalist/guitarist is a woman, and she did have a great voice. I think this was the surprise of the evening. The band hails from Pennsylvania and was put together by the brother and sister team of Lzzy and Arejay Hale when Lzzy was only 13 and Arejay 10. It's some powerful hard rock. Excellent set!



01. To Homgard and Beyond

02. One More

03. TVG

04. In the Court of Jarisleif

05. Rasputin

06. Battle Metal

A friend of mine who's a big fan of Finnish metal said this band would be fun to watch. I didn't know what to expect but had heard that they were another "Viking Metal" band. The band features an female accordion player as well as a violinist. The way they were dressed was entertaining as well. I rather enjoyed their music but Mikako said that all the songs sounded the same.



01. Young Cardinals

02. Boiled Frogs

03. Sons of Privilege

04. Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints

05. No Transitory

06. We are the Sound

07. Old Crows

08. The Northern

09. This Could Be Anywhere in the World

We left the arena and went out for lunch so we missed the entire set of Alexisonfire.



01. When We Rock

02. Shine On

03. Love Tacker

04. East Meets West

05. Metal Health (Quiet Riot)

06. Up All Night (Slaughter)

07. Lookin' for Action

08. All Night Long

09. Hands Up

We had to come back to the arena because I wanted to see Kuni. Okay, it wasn't Kuni that I wanted to see, but his backing band included members of Slaughter and Quiet Riot. Kuni is a well known rock guitarist in Japan. For this show, Mark Slaughter would be singing with Chuck Wright and Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot on bass and drums, respectively. So, I was really happy that they actually played "Metal Health" and "Up All Night". Heck, they should have borrowed Carlos Cavaz0 from Ratt and added Quiet Riot to the show. They could have called their band "Slaughter-Riot"! Kuni could be the second lead guitar. Oh well, it was a thought anyway.



01. Left Brain Ambassadors

02. Beneath the Skin

03. Coming Home

04. One Man Army

05. Wonderful World

06. Fools Gold

07. Star Born

08. Concrete Horizon

09. Throwing Your Life Away

10. Euphoria

I really wanted to see more of their set but Mikako was getting a little restless and wanted to walk around a bit. So after watching a couple of songs we left the arena and walked around.



01. Viderunt Te Aquae

02. Arising Thunder

03. Angels City

04. Carry On

05. Nova Era

06. Lisbon

07. Awake from Darkness

08. Nothing to Say

09. Rebirth

10. Deas le Volt

11. Spread Your Fire

Power metal from Brazil. We watched this band from the stands as well. As I've seen them in concert before I didn't mind watching from the back. Mikako even enjoyed their set as well.



01. Iron Fist

02. Stay Clean

03. Be My Baby

04. Rock Out

05. Metropolis

06. Over the Top

07. One Night Stand

08. Thousand Names

09. Cradle to the Grave

10. In the Name of Tragedy

11. Going to Brazil

12. Killed by Death

13. Ace of Spades

14. Overkill

The show me and Tsutsu had been waiting for! We watched these guys from the floor. Damn, what a great set they did, playing new tunes as well as digging stuff out from their earlier albums. It was awesome! Lemmy is about the same age as Rob Halford but he sure had a lot more energy than Halford did.



01. Nightmare

02. Critical Claim

03. Welcome to the Family

04. The Beast and the Harlot

05. Buried Alive

06. So Far Away

07. Afterlife

08. God Hates Us

09. Almost Easy

I was only familiar with the first song of their set that I had seen on YouTube. Even so, they gave a great performance and I think I may even have to purchase a few of their cds. Mikako enjoyed their set as well and said they reminded her of Linkin Park.



01. Bark at the Moon

02. Let Me Hear You Scream

03. Mr. Crowley

04. I Don't Know

05. Faeries Wear Boots (Black Sabbath)

06. Suicide Solution

07. War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

08. Shot in the Dark

09. Rat Salad (Black Sabbath)

10. Iron Man (Black Sabbath)

11. I Don't Want to Change the World

12. Crazy Train

13. Mama, I'm Coming Home

14. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

What is there to say? Except, AWESOME! The Prince of Darkness may have aged as much as the Metal God and you could tell he also used a teleprompter but you can forgive the Oz as he also has a back catalog going all the way back to 1970 and he didn't spend his entire time trying to read the lyrics! The only new song from his new album that was featured in his set was "Let Me Hear You Scream". The rest of the set pretty much consisted of tunes from his first solo album and no less than 5 songs from Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" album. "Faeries Wear Boots" and "Rat Salad" was a surprise but who's complaining! And to think, I actually saw Ozzy on his first solo tour (with Randy Rhoads) and Motorhead opening the show in 1981! Here I am in Tokyo in 2010 and watching Ozzy and Motorhead again. How cool is that?

言う事は一つしかないー最高! オジーもハルフォードと同じ位の年齢かも知りませんが、ずーとモニターを見ながら歌ったわけではない。彼の音楽も1970年まであるし、オジーだから許す。新しいアルバムで歌った曲は“レット・ミー・ヒア・ユー・スクリーム”。他はやっぱりソロデビューからの曲が多かった。あとはサバス時代で“パラノイド”のアルバムからなんと5曲もやってくれました!特に“フェアリーズ・ウェア・ブツ”と“ラット・サラダ”をやってくれたのはびっくり!思い出すと僕は1981年にオジーの最初のアメリカツアー(ランティ・ローズが居たとき)のライブも見たな、それにモーターヘッドが前座だった。あれから29年も経って、東京でまたオジーとモーターヘッドが見れるなんて奇跡みたいな感じだ!

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