Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Korean Diner [Kanton no Omoide] / 韓国食堂 「カントンの思いで」

Today, I thought I would make my mother jealous by writing about the Korean restaurant we recently went to in Tokyo's little Korea Town of Shin-Okubo. We've been wanting to go to Shin-Okubo again for a while and now that we have a day off together again, off we went. We also bought my wife's nephew an Official Tour T-shirt of BigBang (very popular Korean pop band) who he is a fan of. Afterwards, it was time for lunch. We found this small but crowded little restaurant and thought if people are lined up here to eat, then the food must be pretty good. Outside of the restaurant is a wall featuring pictures of the many Korean and Japanese stars who have also eaten here. The food on the menu looked delicious too. We had already made up our mind on what we were going to order - Samgyeopsal!


Why there is a Thai tuk-tuk in front of a Korean restaurant is still a mystery.


Wall of Photos of Famous Patrons / 芸能人来店者の写真が貼って壁

Samgyeopsal! What is it? Nice thick slices of pork belly!

The other food items look great! / やっぱり他の料理も美味しそう!

Before the samgyeopsal is ready, we were served a variety of dishes - tofu covered with some type of sauce, macaroni salad, kimchee, Korean-style takuan.


Some salad, the large lettuce leaves are to wrap the samgyeopsal / 他にサラダも付いて、大葉とサンチと肉のタレもあって、あとはサンギョプサルが出来上がるのを待つ

The making of samgyeopsal / サンギョプサル

Stage 1 / ステージ 1

Stage 2 / ステージ 2

Stage 3 / ステージ 3

Stage 4 / ステージ 4

Time to eat! 食べ頃だ!

Delish! / 美味しい!

And we downed our meal with some Korean beer!


Bon Appetit!


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