Monday, July 12, 2010

Yokosuka Curry Festival / よこすかカレーフェスティバル

After enjoying our tour of Sarushima Park and having a Sarushima Beer, it was time to return to Mikasa Park for lunch and to indulge in the different curries at the Curry Festival!


Starting simple with a Tsuchiura Zeppelin Curry Croquette.


Kurobe Dam Curry from Nagano Prefecture / 長野県大町市の黒部ダムカレー

Yaki Curry from Fukuoka Prefecture / 福岡県北九州市門司港焼きカレー

Isoroku Curry from Niigata Prefecture / 新潟県長岡市五十六カレー

Yokosuka Navy Curry / 横須賀海軍カレー

After getting our fill of curry, there is one other food item that Yokosuka is well known for. That would be the Yokosuka Navy Burger. As luck would have it, three of the most popular Yokosuka burger shops also had a booth at the curry festival! [Tsunami], [Cantina], and [Honey Bee]. We managed to try the navy burgers from Tsunami and Honey Bee.


Yokosuka Navy Burger from [Honey Bee] / 「ハニービー」のネイビーバーガー

Simple is Best / シンプル・イズ・ベスト

Yokosuka Navy Burger from [Tsunami] / 「Tsunami」のネイビーバーガー

Curries and burgers! Does life get any better than this? I think I'm in heaven!


But this is a festival. Which means there is even more than just curries and burgers. And yes, we treated ourselves to some other goodies as well!


This was interesting, it was something called a curry cheese mok created by a Chinese restaurant in Urayasu.


We also snacked on some Korean dishes as well.


We had us some kimchee flavored pork skewer, chijimi (Korean-style pancakes I guess you could call them), and some kimchee stir-fried noodles!


Darn, are we too full!!



janet brown said...

You are amazing!

tokyoastrogirl said...

Yum.....that cheesy curry thing looks really good. I love your "investigative reporting" on hamburgers, by the way! I don't see many egg burgers so please do one for me- I miss the 'tsukimi burger" from マクドナルド . Also, where are the コロッケ burgers?