Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Judas Priest "British Steel" 30th Anniversary Tribute CD


Wow, it's been 30 years since the release of Judas Priest's "British Steel" album. I remember going this tour. It was the first I concert that me and my brother went to. I bought him his ticket and said, "Let's go!". We are on the floor near the stage. But when Rob Halford was hitting those high notes on "The Green Manilishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown), my bro was holding his hands over his ears. Halford's voice was piercingly loud!

There was supposed to be some band called DC Cooper opening but they never showed up, or didn't play for some reason or another. But still, being the first concert I saw with my bro gives it a little sentimentality to me.

Anyway, the British rock mag, "Metal Hammer" decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of Priest's best selling albums by including a free tribute CD featuring all the songs on the album. Unfortunately, I was familiar with most of the bands featured and only new the name of one - "Disturbed".

So for you Priest fans (I think most of my readers know that I've been listening to hard rock and heavy metal since the 5th grade, so it won't surprise them), here is the track list:

01. FIREWIND - "Breaking the Law"


03. THAUROROD - "Metal Gods"

04. BLEED FROM WITHIN - "Grinder"

05. ARTHEMIS - "United"

06. DISTURBED - "Living After Midnight"

07. IMICUS - "You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise"

08. RISE TO REMAIN - "The Rage"

09. STEELWING - "Steeler"

Too bad I missed Priest and last year's "Loud Park", but hey, this year "Halford" is on the bill and I'm sure he won't disappoint his fans and play some Priest tunes as well!

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