Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asian Chubo

Here is another ramen shop not too far from our neighborhood. "Tantan-men : ASIAN CHUBO", this was formerly called [Ten Temari]. They serve different kinds -of tantan-men. Mikako ordered the regular tantan-men while I opted for the black sesame tantan-men. The ramen shop also serves beer and other spirits as well. It seems ramen bars are the new fad (although this shop has been serving alcohol as long as I can remember.)

うちの近くのラーメン屋また紹介します。「坦々麺 ASIAN CHUBO」です。看板の通りここは坦々麺の専門店。以前は「天手毬(てんてまり)」とゆう店だったが、いつの間にか、「天手毬」の看板はなくなってた。いろんな坦々麺が楽しめる店です。酒もおいてあるので、今流行りのラーメンバーみたいな感じ(ここはラーメンバーが流行る前に酒はおいてましたけどね。) 美香子は普通の坦々麺を注文して、僕は黒ゴマ坦々麺をチョイス。

Tantan-men / 坦々麺

Black Sesame Tantan-men / 黒ゴマ坦々麺

Big sesame flavor, thick noodles, and just delicious - need I say more?


Bon Appetit!


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